Environmental Policy

At The Address we are committed to reducing our Carbon Footprint, minimizing our impact on the environment. We encourage our guests to do the same and hopefully take some of these ideas home with them.

Conservation of Energy

1. We only heat occupied rooms as and when required. The central heating is usually switched on for a short time during the morning and evening hours.
2. Every radiator is fitted with a thermostatic valve for optimum heating levels in each room.
3. We have increased all of the loft insulation.
4. All external doors and windows are double glazed.
5. Our rapid boil kettles are small.
6. All our light bulbs are low energy or LED.
7. We are continually monitoring the energy consumption of all appliances in the house.
8. Our curtains are all fully lined to reduce drafts.
9. We buy and use only re-chargeable batteries as far as possible.
10. Lighting installed in hallways are on time lag switches.

Conservation of water and water pollution

1. We provide tumblers for teeth washing to save on running taps.
2. We encourage guests to re-use their towels for as long as possible.
3. We only use eco-friendly cleaning products.
4. Each bathroom has refillable dispensers for hand soap, shower gel & shampoo, all of which are made from 100% natural ingredients.


1. All the cooked breakfast items are locally sourced and seasonal where ever possible.
2. When available all the flowers used in our arrangements are British grown.
3. We bulk buy to reduce packaging and deliveries.
4. All office paper and envelopes are made from recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.


1. We use recycled paper, packaging and envelopes.
2. We recycle all recyclable plastics & cans.
3. We encourage guests to advise us on the breakfast requirements the night before to reduce waste.
4. All our old duvets and pillows etc. are donated to the local helping hand centre / charities.

5. We collect all cooking fat for recycling….no fat down the drain.

Sustainable Transport

1. We promote the use of public transport both en-route and during our guests’ stay.
2. We provide up to date bus and train timetables.
3. We provide maps and give advice on walks and cycle routes in the area.
4. We can provide a pick up service from the airport and train station (Blackpool North is closest to us) to encourage our guests to leave their vehicles at home. Please call / e mail us in advance of booking if you require this service / facility.
5. We encourage our corporate guests to use our accommodation as their meetings/training venue to assist in reducing their carbon footprint.

Our Living Space

1. The Address has a very relaxing and quiet atmosphere and we encourage our guests keep noise to a minimum at all times.
2. We have a strict no smoking policy throughout our accommodation.


1. We endeavor to spread the ethos of sustainability to other businesses wanting to green up their businesses and get involved in recycling and energy efficiency.
2. We encourage our guests to recycle all of their waste.
3. We always take time to discuss our policies with our friends, associates and customers, showing them how they can improve their environmental awareness and help reduce their own carbon footprint.